Search Engine Optimizations

SEO is but another aspect that we utilize to keep new visitors as well as old gathering to your website. We are seo expert in India, confident in our ability to optimize all websites across the globe, but what we specialize is optimizing your websites for India. We are the best seo company in India and are well aware of that SEO in one country may be finely different than SEO for another country; it’s these types of fine variances that you can only apprehend by being aggressively involved in such local markets. When it comes to SEO, we consider ourselves a global Internet leader, but in India we can confidently say that we are the true SEO powerhouse. We know the market here completely and use knowledge to use for your business.

Search Engine Optimization Process

Understand Your Business

Understanding the business needs and requirements of the customers

Keyword Analysis

Based on the Business, Product or Services, we analyze the keywords that to be targetted

On Page Optimization

We target the keywords in URL, Meta title, description, and Image tags to boost your ranking

Content Optimization

Organic Search is 70% dependent on content. Having fresh content with targetted keywords helps in ranking.

Traffic for websites

We make your website visibility in first page of search engine result that increases the traffic

Off-Page Optimization

Submitting your website URL’s in other websites and generating the traffic from external source

Mobile Optimization

We design and develop mobile friendly websites & also create AMP pages to load faster in mobile devices

Schema Optimizatio

We add Local My Business schema, article schema, blog schema, video schema, product schema.

While making a website many points has to be considered, but SEO is one of those things that has to be the main focusses point. It’s SEO, which get your targeted customers first to your website and not your competitors.  The accurate and measured placement of keywords in your website’s content makes your website rank first. If you are familiar with SEO, you must have probably seen many websites placing keywords so blatantly across their website that it becomes almost unreadable and spam. We know how to place keywords in the right amount and in such a way that even the most cynical user will never be aware of them.

Organic Traffic - Increase
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Bounce Rate - Decrease
Average Visit Duration - Increase