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ASP Utility Admin Panel / Aggregator Panel is super Infrastructure panel developed in Asp.NET .Bulksms aggregator panel means you own the complete application of sms you are working as an aggregator of many operator like idea, BSNL ,MTNL, AIRTEL etc so you can bind their SMPP Accounts directly on the panel which gives you maximum freedom over bulksms solution.

We can guide you complete working and function of the SMPP Panel which also offers you to sell directly as well as sub admin reseller account .

Admin panel particularly grants the user access to the complete panel. Here, payment is made by the tenant to an owner for the use of this service. Admin panel helps you to manage your clients and to keep a record of their each and every transaction. Through admin panel you can easily monitor your client’s day to day activity. The world’s most user-friendly interface to control bulk SMS services. It is a web-based control panel which helps you to do several important tasks like manages clients, manage route, track reports, and check route health and you can also craft your own security.


Features over BULK SMS AGGREGATOR PANEL with a Reseller Panel